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Shameful. Do your research before you post unsourced, uninformed statements BY OTHER PEOPLE. Having a source to some idiot saying something that goes against literally all of the historical records, contemporary statements, etc. Does not actually make it legitimate information. WHY is everyone so adamant about throwing the truth out the window when it comes to Cleopatra? She was an INBRED GREEK WOMAN. ***WE HAVE THE RECORDS FROM WHEN SHE WAS ALIVE.***



I literally had to do the research for you

And then I had to do it FOR you again

And you still are going to believe what you WANT to believe.

I really, truly hope that every single last one of my readers sees this and understands that there is absolutely NOTHING that will change people minds when they WANT to believe something.

And this ^^^ is why “curing ignorance” isn’t always the answer to the issues I bring up on this blog.

white logic always seems to be “confused” or “need more evidence” when the ideas presented go against their white narcissism.  Funny enough, despite their supposed interest in the topic, they cannot seem to be bothered to actually DO the research, but rather continue to demand ever deeper, shifting goalposts of proof, almost as if the point wasn’t to look up sources but rather to waste people’s time and play a game like a 2 year old toddler going “Why?” over and over.

"Educate yourself" isn’t a dismissal because the information isn’t there, it’s because it IS and in fact is easy for you to reach if you were actually honest in your stated intent.