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beyonce look like an animated final fantasy character here

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Realest fucking tweet of 2014


Realest fucking tweet of 2014

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Anonymous said: Black men in my opinion don't need a movement. Nobody judges them for wearing their hair out. They aren't denied jobs for their hair. They aren't pressured in the same way to wear their hair straight. That's just my opinion. I might be wrong.


I do not agree with your opinion.

Black man are demonized in all contexts in western society, right down to their hair. They do need a movement. Statics show that white men with a criminal record are more likely to be hired than a black men with the right qualifications.
Western society doesn’t allow black men to emote or express themselves through their appearance.

They do feel the pressure even thought they might not express it. That pressure may turn into self hate and that self hate is then projected to black women.

- Susie

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Anonymous said: The Middle East is a region tho, not a continent. Like it's just a geographical region but all the countries are either in Africa or Asia, or Europe (Turkey's classified as being in the Middle East). So u saying that to u Egypt will always be African is fine cause Egypt is still part of Africa but also part of the Middle East.



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victoria knows sports

I can’t stand these kind of people

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don’t forget to moisturize your neck! how you gon’ moisturize your face and arms and legs and all that good stuff but neglect your neck?! if you keep forgetting in another 50 years or however the fuck long you got until you’re old your face and neck won’t match in age! you want a baby face with a turkey neck i think not

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